Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) producers pushing for Q3 price hikes

titanium dioxide price

Titanium dioxide producers are planning to raise selling prices for third-quarter deliveries. TiO2 buyers see little scope for higher prices amid weak demand.

In May and June, major titanium dioxide producers have announced their plans to increase TiO2 prices for third quarter deliveries. Producers are set to charge up to $250/t with effect from 1 June or 1 July, depending on the sales market.

Titanium dioxide converters are sceptical about the success of the latest round of price hikes announced for the third quarter. Converters believe that prices will be left untouched in July and August as demand is expected to remain weak or even fall further over the summer months. Mark-ups will likely not be discussed until demand picks up in September, according to customers.

Price hikes demanded by several titanium dioxide (TiO2) producers for second quarter deliveries failed to materialise due to continuing weak demand. TiOmanufacturers and buyers have usually agreed on a rollover of prices fixed in the first quarter. In individual cases also small downward price corrections occurred, clipping price extremes and narrowing the price range for second quarter contracts, EUWID reported at the end of May.

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