Mergers and Restructuring in the Chinese Titanium Dioxide Industry, Haifengxin and Tianlun


Panzhihua Tianlun Chemical Co., Ltd. is manufacturer of titanium dioxide in Panzhihua, Sichuan, China, once was the largest manufacturer of anatase tio2.

The Tianlun Chemical Restructuring Project of Haifengxin Group officially resumed work and production on August 22, 2023. The Chairman of Haifengxin Group, the leaders in charge of various centers, the members of the Tianlun Resumption Project Team, and all comrades involved in the resumption of work and production maintenance held a concise yet solemn launch ceremony in front of the Tianlun office building.

Mr. Jiang Ge, the Director of R&D and the Sales Director, announced on behalf of the group that the Tianlun Restructuring Project has officially started the work of resumption of work and production.

During the ceremony, Ms. Zhou Yushu, the Chairman and General Manager, delivered an important speech. Chairman Zhou emphasized the strategic objectives of the company, which include “ensuring safety in production, leading with technology, building a top-notch brand, and leveraging capital support,” with the aim of becoming a respected enterprise. She called for everyone to unify their goals and consensus, develop a sense of growth and vigilance, maintain confidence, strengthen their sense of responsibility, prioritize safety, and carry out the work of resumption of work and production in a solid manner, striving for timely resumption as scheduled.

Chairman Zhou delivered an important speech regarding the resumption of work and production.

According to the requirements of the group, Du Xuemin, the Director of Equipment at Tianlun Chemical, provided clear instructions on the work plan and requirements for the maintenance phase of the resumption of work and production. Jia Shiyong, the Director of Safety and Environmental Protection at the group level, further clarified the safety management requirements during the maintenance period, emphasizing the need to firmly adhere to the bottom line and red lines of safety and environmental protection. It was particularly emphasized to achieve “zero personal injuries, zero environmental accidents, zero fires, and zero occupational hazards,” in order to ensure the orderly progress of the resumption of work and production.

The official launch of the resumption of work and production for the Tianlun Restructuring Project by Haifengxin signifies the official rebirth of Tianlun Chemical. In the future, Haifengxin Group will continue to advance with the vision of “creating a benchmark in the titanium dioxide industry and building a platform for employee growth.” We look forward to the joint efforts of all Haifengxin employees to overcome challenges and embrace the arrival of a new era, creating a bright future together.

Note: On August 21st, the People’s Court of Yanbian County in Panzhihua approved the substantive merger and reorganization plan of Panzhihua Yanbian County Ertan Mining Product Development Co., Ltd., Panzhihua Tianlun Chemical Co., Ltd., Huili County Xia Hei Township Ma’anshan Iron Mine, and Yanbian County Hongjun Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. This milestone signifies new progress in the integration of the industrial chain through bankruptcy reorganization, jointly undertaken by Sichuan Industry Fund and external organizations in the Panxi region.

According to the arrangement and deployment of Sichuan Industry Fund, the acquisition and reorganization were initiated by its subsidiary, Sichuan Zhongxin Asset Management Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Panzhihua Haifengxin Chemical Co., Ltd., an industrial investor, and Sichuan Guangju Law Firm, the reorganization administrator. After nearly a year, the draft reorganization plan was ultimately approved by 100% vote at the creditors’ meeting, and the court ruled to approve the reorganization plan of Ertan Mining Product Company and its affiliated enterprises. Currently, Ertan Mining Product Company and its affiliated enterprises are gradually resuming work and production, and the complete chain from ore mining, beneficiation, to titanium dioxide production is being restarted.

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Titanium Dioxide

Panzhihua Haifengxin has developed a range of tio2 pigment which is client-oriented and aims to address customer needs in the fields of coating, ink, plastic, paper, and so on.

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