Haifengxin signs a contract with Panzhihua University to establish a strategic partnership between the university and the enterprise.


In order to further meet the strategic development needs of the company in terms of “safe production, technological leadership, first-class brand, and capital support,” and fully leverage the advantages of university-enterprise cooperation, advance talent planning was carried out to achieve an upgrade in the talent structure and promote technological development. On the afternoon of December 14, 2022, Haifengxin and Panzhihua University held a signing ceremony for their university-enterprise cooperation. Wang Bing, Vice President of Panzhihua College, and Zhang Jinxiu, Director of the Human Resources Administration Center of Haifengxin, attended the ceremony. Representatives from the Department of Industry-Education Integration Development, Student Affairs Department, Innovation and Entrepreneurship College, Vanadium and Titanium College, Biochemical College, Electrical Engineering College, Intelligent Manufacturing College, as well as relevant leaders and teachers, attended from Panzhihua University. Representatives from Haifengxin, including the Board Secretary, Research and Development Technology Center, and Human Resources Department, also participated in the meeting.

During the meeting, Zhang Jinxiu expressed that the company is currently in a critical period of development and upgrading. They look forward to fully exchanging ideas, sharing resources, and achieving comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in talent recruitment, talent development, and technological collaboration.

Wang Bing pointed out that the school’s educational philosophy is “moral education, integration of industry and education, and prioritizing practical application.” He hopes that both parties, starting from the signing ceremony, will implement internships, employment, research projects, talent cultivation, innovation, and entrepreneurship in a step-by-step manner, to achieve fruitful results in university-enterprise cooperation and mutual success.

During the meeting, both parties reached a strategic cooperation intention and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement and an agreement on the establishment of an employment and practical teaching base. Wang Bing and Zhang Jinxiu represented the college and the company respectively, presenting each other with plaques symbolizing the mutual cooperation.

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